pranks, pints and protests?

Front cover of The Courier student newspaper from 2005Students in Newcastle are sometimes seen as troublesome and inconsiderate to the city of which they are a part. The ‘typical’ student is thought to be drunken, disruptive and with a general disregard for their fellow residents. In return, students often feel that they are not welcome in the community. But how fair are these stereotypes?

This series of 3 podcasts explores and re-examines the relationship between students and other residents of Newcastle. They examine the evolution of this changing relationship over the last 50 years.

Pranks, Pints and Protests? has been produced by ten students on the Social History module of the MA in Museum Studies: Jenny Badrock, Michelle Ball, Louise Barden, Selena Gillespie, Julie Jackson, Amy Miller, John Oliver, Honor Prysor-Jones, Alison Royer, Elisabeth Salmen.

Image of dental students riding a Rag Week float in 1925